State law provides for a Forty-Dollar ($40.00) non-refundable fee to apply for the services of a Public Defender.

That fee is payable to the "P.D.O." by money order only.

Application Information for


If you want the services of an attorney, and do not want to represent yourself, you should have a lawyer with you at each court appearance starting with your arraignment (where you enter a guilty or not-guilty plea).

If you have a job or the money to hire a lawyer, you will need to do that before your next court appearance.

If you are indigent, that is, needy, you may apply at the Public Defender Office for the services of a lawyer paid for by public funds. Federal poverty guidelines are considered in determining eligibility.

After you make a formal application for the services of a public defender, you may still be required to hire your own lawyer or may be ordered to pay for the services of the appointed lawyer.

You may apply for the services of a Public Defender on THURSDAYS from 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. at the Public Defender Office: 425 Airline Highway, Suite D Laplace, LA.


For additional information, call: 985-651-6677, then select option 1 to speak with office secretary. ‚Äč